The State of Digital Assets Data and Infrastructure: 2023 Edition

2023-03-06 07:38:59 UTC


Fourteen years after the emergence of Bitcoin, thousands of digital assets spanning layer-1 native tokens, stablecoins, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged. Digital assets are employed to facilitate a variety of use cases such as payments, real-world asset tokenization, and borrowing and lending. In conjunction with this proliferation of use cases, these assets are traded on dozens of centralized and decentralized exchanges in staggering volumes compared to five years ago.

Naturally, this evolution renders navigating and operating within the digital asset landscape more complex than ever.

The Block Research's Digital Asset Data and Infrastructure report analyzes two pillars of the emerging digital asset economy – data and infrastructure – to shed light on how firms are making the increasingly intricate digital asset economy navigable. It aims to answer the two following questions: (i) How do data providers help industry participants extract value from a seemingly endless deluge of digital asset data?, and (ii) How do infrastructure providers make operating blockchain networks and accessing the applications built on top of them feasible for everyday users?

The report builds on The Block Research's 2021 Data and Infrastructure Report and is structured in four parts:
- Part 1 provides an overview of the different components of digital asset data and infrastructure. It segments their respective landscapes into several subcategories and highlights key considerations and developments relevant to firms and customers operating therein.
- Part 2 outlines the landscape of firms focused on providing digital asset data. It identifies the different classes of data that providers specialize in and compares the products and services of leading firms.
- Part 3 sheds light on the landscape of firms that operate core blockchain infrastructure. It identifies which components of the "web3 stack" they power and compares the products and services of leading firms.
- Part 4 provides closing thoughts. 

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We would like to thank Amberdata for sponsoring this research report and making its production possible. We are also grateful to those who shared their perspectives and were interviewed for this report, including individuals across the following organizations:

- Amberdata: Shawn Douglas, Tongtong Gong, Steve Henning, Lisa Hadrick
- CryptoCompare: Charles Hayter
- Dune: Hannah Smith
- Kaiko: Clara Medalie, Bediss Cherif, Louis Ramat
- Lukka: John Pagano
- Nasdaq: Michael Karbouris, Tony Sio, Thomas Neill, Rob Norris, Bill Dague, Mitchell Tessier
- Quicknode: Dmitry Shklovsky

We would also like to thank everyone at The Block who assisted with this report - research team: Andrew Cahill, Dipankar Dutta & Hiroki Kotabe; data team: Simon Cousaert, Edvin Memet, and Rebecca Stevens; funding team: John Dantoni, Atharv Deshpande, Edvinas Rupkus, and Jae Oh Song; design team: Zoe Ellyse Del Rosario.

Finally, while this report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the data and infrastructure landscape, it does not provide an exhaustive analysis of all firms providing data and infrastructure services. If you believe that your company or project was miscategorized or would like your project to be considered for next year's report, please contact


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